Loving God, Living Differently & Leveraging Thoughts.

Hi I’m Hussaina, healthcare entrepreneur, a digital mind and writer.

For over 10 years I’ve been helping Doctors save more lives by providing functional, premium and affordable medical equipment. Today, I run my business Sariva, creating opportunities, options and possibilities in healthcare.

As a writer, I’m obsessed with the subject of differentiation and positioning for authentic but less dramatic brands/ individuals.

So I focus my writing to empower a competition proof life for the cool, calm and collected individual who finds it hard to adapt to the fast paced crazy world. So if you are introverted, reserved, overwhelmed, stuck, perhaps, confused but you have fiery eyes, daring dreams and bubbly hearts, join me as we navigate this noisy competitive world with our heads up and our hearts full.

Guiding Thoughts

In today’s world, we are burdened with a lot of challenges like finding purpose, finding meaning, standing out, being visible, having an audience and many more. We are being judged by who is bigger, better and the best. Some feel overwhelmed, some feel undervalued, some feel unaligned, while others feel misunderstood and under-represented. We are constantly in a race that wants to break us, aspiring for standards set for us by other people.

In an overly competitive world, you don't have to be the first or the best, you just need to be different and being different is a growth process rooted in your journey.

Harness with Hoosay!

What they say
"Your words have a feel to them. You write like what you were born to do. You do not follow any rule, you create your own rules and that's what makes your blog powerful".
Rotimi Ajala
Business Consultant
"I am truly impressed and inspired by the way you write and what you write. I read every line and will read more. Congratulations again Tangale princess in Lagos. Live your life, love it, and love on".
Ronke adiele
Management Executive
"I just went through your blog and wow, please don't stop writing. I love your perspective on things. So beautiful."
Nkiru Okoh
"Your writing is very lovely, succinct and concise! I'd love to assimilate every bit and learn from you."
Gideon George
Python Programmer
I believe that

One more cup of love
"You have a brilliant mind. You write as if you are painting."
Singer/Song writer
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