about me: the story

Titles bore me so I prefer to go by; Human.


I’m from the northern side of Nigeria, I call it the back side of town.

I grew up in Kaduna but sharpened my teeth in Lagos, Nigeria.


Lagos started in in 2009 when a friend pointed my attention to an online advert for employability training in Lagos.  I filled the form casually not even expecting a call back, but then I got the call.

I picked up myself and my hunger for more and moved to Lagos, not for a job interview but for a test to undergo an employability training.

After the training, I got a dream job with a top company that supplies medical equipment to hospitals.

The first 3 months was like a school of healthcare marketing. That job formed the basis of my excellence in marketing of medical equipment and my career.

I remember that the first time I entered a plane was on that job. It was also the first time I traveled to the Niger Delta. The experience was new for me. At the end of that trip, I sent a message to my CEO, saying thank you for the opportunity. That moment I felt I was closer to the life I wanted.

Six months on the job, I traveled to the UK for a training. That same year I got an award for innovation and creativity.

Between 2013 to 2019, I worked in two other companies where I managed more product portfolio and more down lines.

Being a reserved person in sales and marketing field, I had to device means to favour my path. So, I came up with signature principles I call Singleness of Purpose, Unique Personality Approach and Nucleus Principles. These principles have helped me to successfully navigate a field that is out of my comfort zone.

Today, I’m building two healthcare businesses, while setting foundation for Digital marketing & communication companies in the pipeline.


Marriage was supposed to be the least of the things I wanted to record in my book but in 2016, I met an intensely passionate, God centered, family oriented and business minded man. We got married.

After being with my husband for a couple of months, I went through a drastic growth process.

My husband opened my mind to more of me and more possibilities around me.

He amplified that which I have inside. He glorified my learning and my experiences.

He powered the light bulb that my brain needed to come alive.

Then Purpose crisis stroke!

That moment I felt like I have been doing myself a disservice by shrinking.

 I felt there was a lot yet to do, yet to say.

I felt like my purpose was in crisis and I needed to save it.

So, after getting clarity and clearance from God, I resigned my job in 2019 to further my cause here on earth.


Before I started blogging in 2015, an experienced blogger asked me what I wanted to blog about and I said “I just want to share my thoughts”. 

He said, “Why do you think people will care about your thoughts” and I replied, “I will make them care”. That sounds like a line from a super hero movie right?

Interestingly, my husband connected with me after he read my first post and he felt I have such a brilliant unassuming mind. 

He said to me;

 “whatever you do, don’t stop writing”. 

 So this blog exist in furtherance of that unassuming mind.


Since that first post in 2015, I got entangled in the internet space when I signed up for a premium online course.

I started the course then I got stuck, I took a break to unstuck and since then I became an internet wanderer.

Because I love words and learning, I Joined over 300 newsletters, bought several self-published books, had sleepless night reading, observing and analysing contents. Which of course is one of my strengths if well manged.

Back then, I used to receive torrents of emails every day.

The most exhilarating part, is that I read 80% of emails I received every day.

To deal with information overload, I unsubscribed and subscribe back, psychological tricks keep playing on me to the point that I took a much-needed break to build the resistance to stop buying courses, until I work on my psychology of ‘doing’.

In the midst of that sweet confusion, I observed how ideologies and principles spark against one another. 

I saw a fight for relevance and influence.

I saw how psychology can be used to make people do and buy shitty stuff. Forgive my use of word but that’s the best way to describe it.

Interestingly, I noticed something which was an eye opener; I was particularly drawn to people who write about personal development, philosophy, psychology, creativity, branding and marketing. Their contents usually give me a ‘braingasmic feel’.


So, this new chapter exist;

In furtherance of my unassuming mind and in resonance of my learning and findings.


the blog: A New chapter

Henceforth, I will be focusing on the things that make my hair rise, the things I can’t stop reading and talking about.

Instead of challenging the status quo, I will be differentiating it.

I will be connecting personal uniqueness to life purpose.

I will be redefining culture & competition to enhance fair living.

The one very big question, I’m trying to answer is: in a world where we are supposed to be light why do we compete instead of using our differences for the good of the world.


I seek that this space will help you connect deeply with yourself so you can have a firm grasp of your life and live beyond your limitations.

I hope you are able to find areas in your life you need to grow to live the best life yet.

Amidst all the brain sparks and musings, I seek that what I write will be streetlight for you when you reach a dark road in your journey.

Thank you for being here.

In furtherance of you and the resonance of your voice.


behind the scene

A bit more extra things:

I’ve been to driving school twice but still can’t drive. Not good I know.

Not a 5AM productivity person.

Even though I have very gigantic dreams and want to make so much money that can pay school fees and build hospitals for a million people, I really don’t plan to do ‘so and so’ before I get to ‘so and so age’.

I pronounce shouldn’t as shouldunt, couldn’t as couldunt. I don’t know why.

My tongue is sometimes slower than my brain so my words gets jammed.

I day dream about how I can make the world better. Almost missed my flight from Dubai because of that.

I have the best nose on earth, it’s like an artist best piece, well carved for my unique face. Imagine a pointed nose on my face, Nah! Did you really imagine it? High five!

I fall in love with people who are genuine, authentic, full of heart. 

Tea is for the soul, coffee is for the body. Do you agree?

I love barbecue chicken and yummy sauce. 

Rice, rice rice and more rice. Yes!

Swallow is sea food okra and semovita.

Fashion Style: Ecletic and exotic

Best shoes; Kitten heals and sneakers.

Jumpsuits, 60’s pants and midi skirts, vintage dresses.

Materials: made of fur, wool and soft lycra.

See you more in the blog comment area or in your inbox.












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