Love from Digital Friends

Let me start by saying, I need a graphic artist. Not the one that takes forever to produce result please. We can also work per project.

Back to the deal of the day.

My first post on this blog came up on the 13th of February. Well, it got about 101-page views, mostly from Facebook, where I’m more active. So yes, I haven’t been wasting my time on Facebook.

The 2nd post which I find weird, insightful and hilariously interpreted, got about 66-page views. (I need more people to read that article so I will work on the publicity). Watch this space for the growth.

I want this blog to be a story someday not really in monetary terms, but as an evidence that you can start as a novice and grow in anything. You don’t need to have all the tools or technical know how, just need to have the zeal. I ‘m actually learning on the job, in this case, learning on the hobby. This is not my top priority though, as I’m still under paid employment, but I’m glad I have the opportunity to do this while working for someone. I should do a post soon about how I was able to stay away from work from January to February 2016, and I still got paid, my best salary since 2010. (Coming Soon, just to encourage someone).

There is no better encouragement to give a creative person than appreciating their work and even still, to take some time, type a compliment and click the send button. That’s the real AHA AHA moment. It’s amazing how words lift our spirit and push us to do more.

So, I painstakingly took the time to appreciate these great people, who sent me sweet words and kind compliments since the launch of this blog. I’m amazed at the love shown to me. Their words gave my confidence a new leap. “One good turn deserves another”. Old saying but still relevant.

In no particular order, here comes the heart-warming accolades;

This was from Ezra, I call him Zeero to Hero. A long-time friend, he’s been a great encouragement. That one person who wants me to sing more, do more and just be exceptional. Ezra you are amazing.

I have never met Gideon before in person. We met on Facebook. Gideon is a genius. Awesome programmer and software developer. Gideon goes the extra mile to share my post. A gesture I truly appreciate.

This guy, omoh goons mi, huh! what does that mean? Anyway, this guy is my padi. He is one of those fellows that will love you just the way you are. I think he is my number one fan. He calls me Growth Minister because I am always looking for new ways to grow and develop myself.
Moses chop knuckle. Lest I forget, FOOD MAKES HIM HAPPY. SMH . LOL

This babe here is my female goons mi. OMG! She makes me feel like I’m a superwoman. Like I am operating way below my capacity. Sometimes I think she believes in me much more than I believe in myself. Babestar, I love you to the moon and back and even to the bank. She is a singer, song writer, and performing artist. She has one of the best voices on planet earth, a voice like that singing expressive music, now that’s the new COOL. Check her instagram page @NanaAishaaa

It’s Moses again, I forgot to say he is a “Die Hard” Chelsea fan. Only good food can make him go to sleep if Chelsea loses a match. Your wife has work to do o.

My younger brother, amazing fellow. One of the best male cooks I have seen. He is very brilliant, respectful and lovable. Brief in words, but deep in thoughts. Sheyz, I’m so proud of the man you have become. You know those last born that act like they are the first, he is one. And HIGHLY DOMESTICATED, yes EXTREMELY.

Uuuuhhhhhhm! Finalman Anthony Fatokun. His friends gave him that name “Finalman” because he is a problem solver. If you want to get anything done just go to the Finalman. He was one of the miracles that came my way when I was serving in Abeokuta, Ogun State. We don’t see but he’s been greatly supportive since the launch of this blog. Tony, chop knuckle.

Essien, is that guy that appreciates good things and good people. He is the CEO of a start up called Udus Corps, BBM Pin 2BC48AA2. It’s an empowerment start up. Young guy, full of great business concepts. Essien I got your back.

Here is Godwin, I call him Presido. He was once the president Anatomy Students Association in ABU Zaria. I was then the Welfare Director. I just have one word for Godwin; he is a man of INTEGRITY. ┬áLet me add that he is RELIABLE. So, if our Nigeria is going in the right direction, this man here will SELL like our vice president Yemi Osibanjo. I’m talking as though I’m not reliable, I am, but level pass level.

Here comes the eye opening, doubt breaking compliment; Pastor Rotimi, is a pastor in my church, he read my blog and had to look for me in church. He said “you are in the wrong profession”. I knew he was right. I just found out that I enjoy blogging more. I also enjoy supporting doctors to save lives, which is what I do with my blue-collar job. But, after reading his words, I made up my mind, there is no going back. If more people are like him, no one would be ordinary. Thank you, sir. Whenever, you breeze in here, just know that this was sustained because of your push.

There are so many others I can’t put up here, “too much of everything is bad”, so they said.

But if you are reading this, I want you to know that, I appreciate your time here. And when you need a dream partner, do call on me, I think I have much more than I’m giving to the world, so let’s rub minds. I can never be too busy for a “big thing about to happen”. Believe me, I can help.

I’m working on something very big for local businesses and start ups. Update coming soon.

Before I go, I’d like to say that, if you have not acquired any skill this year, it’s time to do that.

You can’t be the same as last year and still expect a different result. So, get moving. Just one more skill, you will thank me later.

Your Online Growth Minister (it sounds strange, was thinking on my feet).

Patience Nuhu