Wohoo! my Blog, my Voice, the Journey so far!!!

Wow! I can’t believe I just officially clicked the publish button on my blog. I have been waiting for the perfect time since 2010. Shockingly, it’s over 5 years now. Procrastination huh!

So In a bid to defeat the alarming procrastination that had crept into my dreams, I engaged 4 developers one after the other to give me a “wow” blog design but all I got was story for the gods.

I actually would have gone for what was available, but I didn’t just want any kind of design. I wanted something dashingly hot, but still deep and soulful that speaks without a sound, yet resounding. To say the least, I wanted a feminine design, with all the curves and edges, all the perfect imperfections (in John legend’s voice).

However, I decided to “DIM” Do It Myself. Behold, this is what I came up with. Well, not exactly as I want it to be but I think it’s a good start. Let me pause here to send some E-love; if you are reading this and you are one of those web developers I engaged, sorry dear, I did it without you, but I love you still. I know you would have loved to make it sophisticated, but I will manage this simplicity.

So back to the essence of this expression; if you knew me you’d know that I am focused and at the same time I have a rather disturbed attention span. Simply because I get overwhelmed with torrents of thoughts, I get lost in my own world. I call it my “spaceship” where I reflect and recreate. It’s my magic world of possibilities. Not joking, I almost missed my flight from Dubai, for same reason. Not good right? I know! I’m trying to control it.

On this note, let me formally welcome you to my interesting digital mind, a place where I unlock the traffic jam in my head. My beautiful voice, my adventure. Don’t be surprised if you found me recreating the thoughts in your head, that’s how far it can go. Most especially if it’s about Love, Music, Work, God and sometimes Football. Yes! I love football, a gunner by association, not for the trophy but for the handsome young players and the beauty of the game they play. Are you still here? Wow! I’m not as boring as I thought.

This platform is dedicated to those brave individuals who would rather fly than sit on a fence and watch the birds. Those who understand what it means to have a creative block and just in time scream “Yes I did it”. Those whose dreams bring them chaotic conditions of life and take away sleep from their eyes. And to those whose hearts beat faster just thinking of how much “them go blow” if that dream comes through. I got you my bro, I got you my sis.

To end this post, can I ask you; is there anything you wanted to do that has lingered for so long because you depended on someone to make it work? Have you done it yet? What are you waiting for?

And just before you go, a word for today!