A Personal Message and an Update from Hussaina

Hi, there!

It’s been a while since last I attended to this blog. My last post was in 2018. But I’ve been paying for web hosting and domain name because I knew I wasn’t done with writing yet.

A lot has happened. Most remarkable of all, is that I quit my job. I didn’t shout about it because in my mind, I had already left the job long before I officially put in my resignation. Somehow, I realized that I wasn’t aligning with the vibrations of the company so I took the hard but smooth decision of leaving the employment field to grasp the entrepreneurship balls.

I have never felt good about a decision in my life like that. I felt so free.  All of a sudden, I felt like that young girl who dreamt of taking the world and spinning it around with fire.

So that’s how the entrepreneurship journey began.

In preparation to get some grounding, I attended the annual Healthcare conference in Dubai to source for more solutions for my market.

I had quite impressive meetings, made commitment to purchase demo products when I get back to Nigeria.

But, the unavoidable happened! Corona Virus creeped into our lives and disrupted every arrangement and plans I had. On getting back to Nigeria, the world went into a fearful frenzy, it was a state of emergency for Healthcare.

That period was very stressful for me. I was bombarded with calls to supply medical equipment, especially the mighty ventilator. I didn’t have a lot of stock to offer. So I resolved to buying locally but the demand was high so supply was limited.

At a point, I had to shut down to get my balance and rethink the future of my business.

Even though Healthcare has experienced a boom because of Corona Virus, it has also opened up competitive channels. More people are getting into the business of medical equipment marketing, new procurement channels and alternatives are opening. The customers are forming new habits and substituting known brands with never heard of brands.

The truth about this season is that, we can’t just do ‘okay’ things anymore. It’s not permitted this season.

Every business has to offer something workable considering the changes we are going through.

To sustain my business, I have come up with new strategies to serve my market and as per my love for writing and sharing my life, I will be pouring words on this blog.

I love marketing, sustainable marketing to be precise.

I love invincible marketing, where you speak to the hearts of people without forcing yourself on them. That’s the principle I have applied to my work for the past 10 years. I will be re-inventing that and applying it in a different way henceforth.

I’m glad to share my secret sauce with you for free.

I’m also simplifying some right-angle perspective on issues spanning competition, differentiation, positioning and value-based living. I will be developing that into materials that people can download. I seek that it will help you gain clarity about your own personal journey and purpose in life.

Seriously, it feels so strange writing because I haven’t done that in a long time.

So, thank you for indulging me till this point. I believe that with more writings I will get into the flow.

People say I write like I’m painting, like I have control over words.

Though I haven’t seen that being expressed here yet. Perhaps, because this is the first after a long break.

I will like you to hang around a bit more so we can together create a desirable & differentiated life that cannot be substituted.

See you soon!