Writing is not so hard if we kept it simple.

After so many years of abandoning this blog, I got an inspiration from minim.blog

I came across minim.blog in September, then it had only 2 posts. But as at the time I was writing this post there were 15 posts. That brought me to the realization that writing is not hard.

Let me explain.

I started blogging in 2015, but got stucked because I wanted to implement what the experts are saying about professional writing, blog design, knowing your audience etc.

But then, I am not that type of writer who follows the rules. I feel my words and pour it out.

I’ve since come to the simple realization that, if you truly want to write, forget about the frameworks, the hooks, the structure, the hacks, the tips, the rhymes and even the design.

Just sit down, punch the letters on your keypad, arrange the words in a way the reader can make sense of. Pour out your thoughts, share your skills, share your experience. Organize your mind using those keypads or a pen and paper if you are that type of writer.

There will be time for framework and structure and audience profiling later.

But for now, plant the seed, build consistency, create a new habit, build new neural pathways. Get your brain to interpret writing as a simple task.

Most importantly, don’t worry about who will read it.

Somehow, the people who need those words will find it. If they belong to your tribe, they will find you. When the cloud is full of water, it will pour down as rain.

Lastly, I raise a glass to me heeding to my own advise.

Don’t overthink it. Just write!